Stock Photo Search

Stock Photo Search

Find The Best Free Stock Photos For Your Project

STOCK PHOTO SEARCH is a FREE bookmarklet that helps you search from more than 30 free stock photo sites.

For a detailed tutorial, please read this post.


Drag the button below to your bookmarks bar to install:

Stock Photo Search

(If you want a preview, you can just click the button.)

How To Install Stock Photo Search
If you have trouble dropping it, just right click the icon, copy the link address and create a new bookmark you will call “Stock Photo Search” and paste the url.

Where is my bookmarks/favorites bar?
Your bookmarks bar may be hidden. Here’s how to show it:

  • Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari: Control (Command on a Mac) + Shift + B
  • Firefox: Control (Command on a Mac) + B

How To Use It

Just click on the bookmarklet and a window will pop up.

How To Use Stock Photo Search


  • Search by keyword or by image on more than 30 free stock photo sites
  • Select a keyword or an image on any webpage to find related free stock photos
  • Search on Google Images or on each stock photo site (multi-tab search)
  • Choose your multi-tab search limit: 5, 10 or 15
  • Speed up your search: save your default settings to adapt the tool to your specific needs