About Mailomix


Want to learn how to launch your online business, grow your audience and monetize it?
Good! You’ve come to the right place.

The way people work is changing.
If you’re fed up with working the 9-to-5 and want to take control of your life so you can live by your own rules, then welcome!

Who is Mailomix for?

Mailomix is aimed at solo entrepreneurs and bootstrappers who want to launch their online business on a budget.

Let’s assume that:

  • you’re not the next Steve Wozniak (i.e. you’re not a computer genius)
  • your goal is not to be the next Google or Facebook (at least not in the next 12 months)
  • you don’t have $10M from VCs in your bank account
  • you don’t want to trade your family life for the very hypothetical hope of making millions from stock options…some day

This site is here to help you stand out online and succeed in the entrepreneurial space.

What makes Mailomix different?

A live experiment

Like your business, Mailomix is an online project created by a solo entrepreneur on a budget.
Here, you will find practical and actionable advice 100% bullshit-free.

So, let’s grow our businesses together!


As Mailomix grows, everything is shared with you: strategies, tactics, processes, tools, successes, failures, income reports, etc.

Strong beliefs

Your time is your most precious asset. Allocate it wisely.
And please, don’t sell it (no freelancing!). You’re an entrepreneur, not a job-seeker.

Build your growth engine: optimize your processes, outsource when possible and make your business scalable.
You should never do something twice on a computer. With Mailomix, you can learn how to automate almost everything.

Think “market first”: Find your niche. Grow your audience. Build your email list.
Understand your customers. Then monetize when you know what they need.

Practical and innovative solutions

Okay, so you’re not a tech-savvy person. But you should avoid dependance on developers as much as possible.

Freedom and control are crucial for a solo entrepreneur. Without control, there is no freedom.

Master the key facets of your business by choosing the right tools and the essential technical skills you need to learn.
Use free and open-source solutions for breaking even quickly.

Don’t worry. Mailomix is here to help.

What will you find at Mailomix?

A weekly curated newsletter

A selection of the best articles from the blogosphere about content marketing, growth hacking, marketing automation, conversion optimization, processes, startups, tools, etc.
All articles are specially analyzed through the prism of small business needs.

A blog

It’s all about the Mailomix experiment.
I share everything: strategies, processes, tools, necessary skills, successes, failures, case studies, income reports, etc.

And a bunch of free resources

Get files, tutorials, cheat sheets, e-books, tools, scripts, and more.

Who is behind Mailomix?

Hi, I’m Geraud.
I’m a solo entrepreneur like you.

I have created a lot of web sites and apps in my career and I’ve built up the technical skill-set that I’m using today to grow Mailomix. I’m pleased to share it with you today.

Let’s have some fun.

Privacy Policy

I really do care about your privacy!
If you want to learn more about Mailomix privacy policy, click here.

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