Audience Building: The No Bull-Shit Way
ISSUE 2 · NOV 24, 2016

Audience Building: The No-Bullshit Way


When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless


Audience Building: The No-Bullshit Way

Audience Building

I love to read blog posts by Dan Norris the successful entrepreneur behind WPCurve and the best-selling author of “The 7 Day Startup”, “Content Machine” and, more recently, “Create or Hate”.

Two words: honesty and generosity.
Dan shares everything, from failures to successes, and tells us what works and what doesn’t based on his own trials and errors. A must read!

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How to Accurately Set The Subscription Fees of Your Membership Site

Membership pricing

So you have an audience, and you want to monetize it. One way to do this is to create a subscription-based membership program offering premium content, services, coaching, you name it. But you should wisely choose your price point: too low and you won’t cover your charges, too high and no one will subscribe. In both cases, you won’t break even.

Sean Jackson shares a simple but efficient framework to help you in this strategic choice.

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Why You Need a Framework for Your Growth Hacking Strategy

Growth Hacking Framework

Make your growth hacks repeatable and scalable.
This blog post explains why and how you should systematize your growth hacking strategy. It also provides you with a list of possible implementations in tools like Trello, Google Spreadsheets, Asana, Airtable, and more.

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Create a Google Slide Presentation From a Trello Board in One Click

Google slides from Trello

Hey Trello user, what if you could automatically generate a Google Slide presentation from any of your Trello boards ? Just try this new Trello Power-Up.

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10 Tips to Avoid Slowing Down Your Browser With Too Many Tabs

I must confess I often have dozens of tabs open at the same time in my browser. The consequence is my browser feeling extremely slow and sluggish, or even crashing sometimes. Here are some great tips and tools to avoid this common trap.

My personal advice: install the OneTab extension (it exists for Google Chrome AND Firefox).

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How to Measure and Grow Online User Engagement

User engagement

Do you know the concept of Net Promoter Score (NPS) ?
This article is a live experiment by Bryan Harris (Videofruit) on how to measure and grow the raving fans he has in his email list. It will be updated with the results of the experiment, so you should bookmark it.

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11 Steps to Building a Niche Site

When starting an online business from scratch, a niche website can be a good start. The idea is to choose a niche, start writing content, and rank in Google for lots of keywords, and then turn that traffic into earnings through affiliate offers or through your own product offerings.

How do you choose the right niche ? How can you be sure that your site will generate enough traffic to build a business on ? Here is a very detailed post that will guide you through the entire process.

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How to Drive Website Traffic From Instagram: The Complete Guide

Instagram complete guide

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. As of June 2016, the app had reached 500 million monthly active users, up from 400 million in September 2015. It’s no surprise that every blogger and business owner wants to get traffic from Instagram to their website. But building a following on Instagram doesn’t automatically translate to visitors to your website.

Learn the best tips and tricks to make Instagram a sustainable source of traffic.

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Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Checklist

Creating your content is half the work. Once your blog post is live, you still need to promote it on social networks and amplify its reach. In order to optimize your work, it’s crucial to follow a roadmap.

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Dalaï Lama Rules Of Living : Seek The Company Of Positive People. The People Around You Cannot Control Your Feeling And Actions, But They Can Influence Them.

You two suck !

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