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ISSUE 1 · NOV 10, 2016

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The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary

Vince Lombardi


Our First Newsletter is Out !

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And the Best Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017 Are...

Growth hacking secrets

Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017 was a virtual conference hosted by Neil Patel. Thirty top speakers joined to give the audience actionable step-by-step strategies to grow their business. Here are the top takeaways. Enjoy this recap by CampaignMonitor.

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Six Essential Tips to Speed Up Your Trello Workflow

trello tips to speed up your workflow

Trello is a multifaceted tool. While it is most often used for project management, it also helps to manage todo lists, collect and organize information, manage workflows, and more.
I personally use Trello extensively to manage my Mailomix website: content curation for the newsletter, blog post ideas, site updates, bug fixes, and more.

Unleash the power of Trello with IFTTT, the Trello bookmarklet, the Trello apps for iOS and Android, or even by simply sending an email to your Trello board.

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Why and How You Should Create a Process for Every Recurring Task in Your Business

processes are key for your business

For a small business, creating and documenting its processes may seem like a waste of time at first. But you should understand all the benefits you can get from doing so. First, it makes your business less error-prone. Second, once your processes are documented, it becomes much easier to measure their effectiveness and optimize them. Third, when your small business grows and you can’t continue to work alone, processes can make it more scalable.

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Why You Should Consider Creating Expert Roundup Posts

Expert roundup

Expert roundup posts, if done right, are a type of content that will drive more traffic to you if you put in a reasonable effort! Readers love this kind of content because they get insights from the most respected influencers in their niche. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you craft your own successful roundup posts.

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Free Courses: Learn How to Use Facebook and Instagram to Publish News Content

Facebook and Instagram courses

Facebook launched a series of free online journalism courses. Course offerings will focus on what the company calls “the three core pillars of the news cycle”: discovering content, creating stories, and building an audience.

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How to Unleash the Power of LinkedIn to Find New Prospects and Connect With Them

Learn how to find where your target prospects are hiding on LinkedIn. Use advanced search efficiently, and scroll through group, company or alumni pages. Then get the tips on good practices for connecting with them either directly or via your network.

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Top 101 Email Subjects for Amazing Open Rates

Top email subjects

A huge list of eye-catching email subjects that will boost your open rates. They are based on proven psychological principles. Awesome !

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Make Your Email List and Social Media Accounts Work Hand-In-Hand

When you think about “email list building” or “social media reach”, you should keep a holistic view of your digital marketing strategy. How can you make your efforts benefit both? I think you could start by following this brilliant adivce from Brand 24.

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Entrepreneurship 101 : Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone !

comfort zone

Friends (TV Series 1994 - 2004)

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