ISSUE 10 · FEB 2, 2017

Content Marketing: Is Longer Always Better?


MOTIVATION is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going.

Jim Rohn


Content Marketing: Is Longer Always Better?

Longer content ranks higher

Besides the time it takes to write longer posts, being behind on SEO trends can give your business an unwelcome handicap. In this article, Matt Bentley provides the exceptions to the rule. In an exemplary train of logic the reader is taken on a whistle-stop tour of statistical analysis well worth bearing in mind the next time you look at some graphs.

Time can be saved, SEO can be improved, and more nuanced trends can be understood in this brilliant SERP exposition.

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A Freelancer Cannot Be An Entrepreneur (Or Can They?)

Freelancer Or Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought about what characteristics define a freelancer vs. an entrepreneur? Seth Godin makes the difference inescapably clear in this piece.

While he maintains that the two are mutually exclusive, the Productized Services article in issue #3 of my newsletter provides the directions to help you find your way from one to the other.

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The ‘Gig Economy’ Is Accelerating Faster And Further Than We Thought

The gig economy has been hailed by journalists and politicians alike, but it may go far further than we first thought. Accenture’s Technology Vision 2017 report has produced analysis that speaks to exponential movements in this sector.

And this two-minute read provides a handy summary of the trends and reasons behind the growth, which could revolutionize the way we work in the very near future.

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Do You Know How To Find Anyone's Email Address?

Email Address

Several tools exist to help you guess the email address of any potential customer on the internet. However simply grabbing a tool off the shelf, plugging it in and hoping it will solve your woes is fanciful at best.

Matthew Barby has helpfully curated his view on how to use a range of methods and tools as a coherent strategy. This is a step-by-step guide you’ll want to bookmark to make sure you’ve got the best chance of hitting the nail on the head.

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Find And Fix Your Traffic Issues In 5 Steps

Traffic issues

You’ve spent time, money and energy on your SEO strategy, but simple flaws can hinder your site’s potential. Complete with a downloadable cheat-sheet, Ann Smarty identifies five of the top reasons why a site may not be as optimized for search engines as it should be. From broken links to mobile ‘un-friendliness’, she will furnish you with the reasons behind the failure, and tools to diagnose and fix each problem.

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How To Index All Your URLs And Keep Google Happy

Google’s guidelines can be a minefield when trying to check which of your sites pages aren’t indexed. There isn’t an automated solution yet, and we can’t bank on one being made available to us in the near future. Thankfully, this two-step guide provides a work-around. Paul Shapiro’s succinct explanation will get you one step closer to a fully indexed site.

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Reddit For Business: Tips And Tricks To Mine A Rich Seam

Reddit Guide

Reddit has 234 million unique users and eight billion monthly page views, and is the starting point for pretty much every internet trend. That’s a lot of power waiting to be harnessed! This timely article highlights the etiquette and know-how required to get past Reddit’s checkered reputation, and go viral.

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Your Twitter Outreach Strategy is Wrong: Here’s How To Do It Properly

Twitter outreach

Pestering influencers and asking them to share your content is not something anyone wants to do but we’re told it’s the way to improve reach. Not so you can breathe a sigh of relief as you absorb Joshua Hardwick’s experiment, which debunks conventional wisdom. His frustration-fueled case study and comprehensive article provide true insight, and the right way to win friends and influence people.

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Six Inbound Marketing Problems, And Six Solutions

Inbound marketing

The SaaS world is competitive, and failure rates are high. It would be too simple to expect an easy ride to success. But there are common problems among the community, and Chris Hopkins has collected six of them here. In each case a clear problem, action, and set of results are presented to illustrate how to overcome a slump and reach on upwards.

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Entrepreneurship 101: Don’t let the past dictate your future!

Dont let the past dictate your future!

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